been busy

well i know it has been a while since i have been on but after getting my first degree i have since gone back and have been in cosmotology it has been a long road of hard learning but it so far has been worth it … so far all my classes i have passed with  A & Bs and is on the honors  program… but it was well worth it for it for ur lifes goal … never stop learning it can always help… but i will soon be done with this class in Augest… and with the hard work that i got from fashion design classes i use it still from color from head to toes… but if you are determind hard work will get u far


The best Advice

The best advice might be harsh but you learn from it  yes it is harsh to all the work  you may have done. You learn from your mistakes… you  move on …  you might get good compliments from people you know but when you get it from people you do not know it makes it worth it… i can admit that  there are things i would have done differently to my project but i thought the way i did my project was the way it needed to be for this class… next time i will do it my way just computer all the way… but i still like how i did my bright board but i will change it next time and not make it that bright… but i do like that even though i have not done illustrations or draping they thought my work was great… i know my sewing needs work but you know it takes practice to get great in sewing so i will still work on my sewing it will not stop me from my dream being in the fashion work … i am determined to do great in my work  just watch me go

If you only knew…

This project  is just a semester long … it is nothing to the real job and as much work that i have put into this project is nothing to the real thing… yes i am glad that this project  is almost over… all  the information that goes into it is not ok well i will just put that there …. if you are going to do this work do it right and learn from what you are working on and what deatil goes in to it… take this as if  your job is on  the line and you want to show them the best of thing of your line and why the coustomer would buy your line…

what will be on my boards???

well its been hard picking which drawings i want to put on my board.. i am now down to thirty drawings i am asking people which  one they like and its down to thirty so far still going to ask some more people and then i will take those drawings and put them on the board.. and work on the rest of my info for my project… so let see what they pick…

logo website i created my own logo on there for free and then i can go get the logo printed for me … it was very easy and i liked it. should go look and try it out… see what you think

Redoing Fabric boards

Guess  my board does not look right… i thought it did and many other people liked it but oh well… i just dont have the money like many other people in the class have i only have a job that pays me once a month and that is not much after i pay my bills and take care of my kids… but fine its getting fixed so let’s see how these boards look to the class this time

Here is another fabric link

here is another web link for high fashion fabrics … they look nice but it costs alot but i would get some fabric from them if i had the money

fabric boards

my fabric board has been put together and now tomorrow when i get to work i will finish it up with the name tags and the info of the fabrics… it looks good to me .

website i found this just happen to pop up  when i was looking at fashion. I thought it was a different twist to fashion.

my design of my boards

well since the time i got till now just been working on the design on my boards. The color, the design all the little stuff. I took two on my boards and cut them in half so i would have my boards for the four color boards ….. but i am going to finish working on the boards once i get done eating… have had painted  my name of my company and spring of 2012 on them.

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